Power Referrals Workshops

"the offline equivalent of viral marketing on steroids!"

There Are Only 3 Ways To Grow Your Business

  1. Get more sales
  2. Get more money per sale
  3. Increase the frequency of transactions
3 Ways To Grow Your Business

This workshop is based around these 3 principles around referral marketing. Find out how you can generate exponential sales like offline viral marketing on steroids!

  • Get introduced to high quality clients that can make a real difference in your business
  • Learn how to increase your prices ethically
  • Learn how to get your client to buy more regularly

All strategies fall into one of these categories.

Any one of these strategies will make you loads of money. When you use all 3 in tandem the growth in sales and revenue is classed as exponential. For example:

Simple Exponential Sales Table

Chart 1





















What Happens When We Target Influencers & Key Players With Referrals

When we target key players, game changers and influencers effectively, the figures shift completely! Let's say that through a referral you get 1,2 or 5 key players giving you repeat business of high quality. This is what happens:

Chart 2






















The figures go through the roof!!

How do I know this? Because this is precisely what I have always done in my own businesses! And if I can do it, anyone can. When I learned how to do this I have no business or sales training at all. I just 'did it'.

It is called leverage...

referrals create huge profit

You need to know exactly how to leverage other people's networks for maximum advantage whilst also with integrity.

I had no preconceived ideas. I was a blank canvas so when my mentor, who was the highest paid marketing consultant in the world told me to do something, I just did it!  And it was a massive shortcut for me!

Shortcut To Success

I like shortcuts to success. Real, tangible, proven shortcuts that are simple and easy to implement.
These strategies are just that.

Simple, effective strategies that are proven to give you real results that are worthy of your time and effort.​

Your Power Referral Workshop

What You Get...

Your workshop has 2 main components

  1. Learn & practice the most effective way to ask for referrals
  2. Learn strategies that get you more high quality clients, that give you more business for more money.

Simple eh? Too simple maybe?

Beware of the nagging voice that wants to over-complicate things! Saying business should be a slog. No it shouldn't! Business is more fun when we easily create more new sales. clients and revenue easier. 

Business is supposed to make you lots of money, be fun (at least some of the time!) and enable you to be able to make a difference where you choose.

Free Pre Course Materials

2 weeks before you attend:

Completely free of charge before you even attend! (total value £120.00) You will get the 'Big Fish - Little Effort' Special report and workbook that already will give you all the steps and scripts needed for when you ask for a referral

  • Step 1 - Sowing the seeds of referrals explanation, scripts and exercises
  • Step 2 - Coaching for value recognition explanation scripts and exercises
  • Step 3 - Shift - when you can safely ask for a referral, explanation, scripts and exercises
  • Step 4 - Asking for a referral - explanation, scripts and exercises
  • Step 5 - Handling objections - explanation, scripts and exercises
  • Step 6 - Follow up. Explanation, scripts and exercises

6 steps to asking for a referral

You also get:

  • Your own workbook to take with you to the workshop
  • Your own formulated bespoke scripts that are specific to you

Why free pre course materials you ask?

Because I want you to get the most out of this workshop. I know if you pre absorb the materials you are likely to get results straight away. When you arrive at the workshop I can spend more time on referrals strategy with you, giving you the offline viral affect you are after.​

Part 1 Of Your Referral Workshop

3 stages to part 1​

  1. Learn your lifetime value of a client so you can know exactly what extra money you are going to make
  2. Learn the 6 steps and formula for asking for referrals and why they are so important when done in order. (any one of the stages will get you referrals!)
  3. Practice interactively asking for referrals so you are totally confident when you are let loose with your new found skills​

Part 2 Of Your Referral Workshop

You have now honed your  referral asking skills and can easily and confidently ask for referrals in a way that does not look pushy or needy and your client will also feels happy with. Already you are in the top 5% of people who ask for referrals and this alone will pay for this workshop many many times over.
The next stage is strategic. We show you how to leverage key players and influencers for maximum repeat business and  higher value transactions as in table 2.

This is where you get exponential growth...
  1. You are given a weighting formula to learn who, why and what to target for maximum leverage and impact
  2. Work out who that is and get clarity on what they want
  3. Put offers in place that keep these key players from risk and make them look good
  4. Get introduced to these key players with risk reversal offers
  5. Follow through and follow up for maximum leverage and impact

Referrals Strategically  Applied For Maximum Impact & Profit

Clear Direction For Your Next Step

Very importantly. You will get clear direction as to where your most leveraged and biggest profit potential lies. You will walk away knowing exactly what to do for maximum impact.

This is a system. A strategy. You will definitely get more clients without any strategy aspect whatsoever! Look again at the first chart again. Put your own numbers into your own simple chart...

What you will also get on top of that is influencers and key players who get you a lot more business!​

Key Players & Influencers
  • ​Far higher volumes of business
  • These new prospects that have been referred to you can be leveraged to refer again.

Offline Viral Marketing On Steroids

This is the offline equivalent of viral marketing on steroids...

So You Get To Keep
  1. Your existing clients sales
  2. Your existing clients who refer you new prospects (new clients) sales
  3. Key influencer business sales
  4. Key influencer business that refers you on again sales

And all of these sales cost next to nothing to acquire

Places Are Strictly Limited!

This is the first time I am showing people that are not coaching clients of mine the secrets to growing business like viral marketing on steroids!

I strongly recommend you sign up your interest right now to be notified of this event that will be hosted in London soon.

First Come First Served

This is a first come first served limited availability workshop. My sole focus is getting you the exponential growth and sales you deserve and for that I don't want high numbers.

So register your interest now, without any obligation to attend and I will inform you as soon as a definite date becomes available.