Recipe For Stratospheric Sales Conversions

How is it that some people manage to get loads of high value sales from really hard to get clients seemingly consistently?

Noone seems to know how! It is like it is a well kept secret - up until now that is!

You yourself know you can sell. You may have cold called for years and be top of your game. You have managed to grind out the calls time after time after time, being rejected, sworn at and yet you managed to pick up the phone the very next time and sound fresh and sprightly.

So Why Are You Not Getting More High Value Sales?

The answer is simple!

People that get a lot of high value sales are often referred more than Joe or Jane Average when it comes to sales. They seem to know more people that are decision makers that can make them far more money than an 'average' sale. They manage to open up networks to people easily and effortlessly.

What can make it even more challenging is that these people, the stars of sales, don't seem to be working any harder than you. In fact, they often are working less than you.

The Power Of Leverage

They have learned the power of leverage! How to maximise your gains for the least effort or cost.

A man that has unlocked the key to high converting sales via referral

Recipe For Sales Success – 6 Steps

  1. Find a way to get a really high rate of sales conversions
  2. Find out who and where the Big Fish influencers are that can generate high volume and high value leads
  3. Connect with these BIg Fish
  4. Get these Big Fish to buy from you
  5. Get these Big Fish to refer you to other Big Fish
  6. Rinse and repeat...

Simple eh? Obviously not or everyone would be doing it! 

He must be mad you say. Every time I try to connect with these people I can never get through the gatekeepers even. If I can i get the phone put down on me!

No I haven't gone mad. This is typical sales talk and not referral sales. Referral sales come from a client who is trusted to a prospect. The dynamic could not be more different than the old paradigm of pushy sales techniques.

2 Problems

The problems are:

  1. Most sales people are barking up the wrong tree with hard to convert low value clients with poor repeat business
  2. Most sales people have never been taught officially how to ask for referrals and don't understand the potential impact of strategic referral marketing

Some things you have no choice on!

You have to sometimes work the contacts you are given. You may have a list to work through. I get all that and that obviously still produces results or you and your team would not be in business.The problem is these leads often take quite a while to close, if they even do close.

What If You Could Convert At Much Higher Levels?

Fact: The highest converting lead you can acquire is a referral lead. It is widely recognised as easy to convert, more profitable and easier to deal with full stop.

Referral Sales Team Workshop

Fact: For a lot of people, referral leads convert at anywhere between 40% and 80% or more. Don't believe it? When referrals are used in a certain way this is exactly what you can expect! The reason I know is that I have consistently achhieved this level of conversion for over 25 years.

I Thought This Was Normal!

You see, I am a business owner and not an out and out salesperson per se. I was naive to what the 'apparent best practices' were for sales back then and I worked out that if I could leverage my sales I would make more money. Yes I sell and enjoy it. But I have never 'learned to be limited' in the way some sales 'authorities' teach you.

I actually leanred this technique originally by a man called Jay Abraham 25 years ago and assumed that most people were getting sales this way.Especially sales professionals that do this day in day out


No!! A big fat NO!

Most Sales Professionals Have Not Got A Clue About Referrals

Most sales professionals have not got a clue how to get referrals. They also have no idea how to make referrals strategic for maximum influence and if that sounds like you and your team also – don't worry. You are not alone.

My Ignorance

My ignorance WAS bliss for me.  Apart from an exceptional mastermind group I was briefly part of, I never particularly mixed o networked with other business owners at all. Sales were always very very easy for me. I couldn't understand why people were not using these techniques when they were so easy! I was literally converting at 70%-85% depending on our offer at the time.

The problem for me was not generating business. It was managing the growth!

Get Big Fish Influencers To Buy From You

High Quality Growth Strategy - Leverage

Our strategy was for high quality growth. I worked out who was an authority in the market we entered and targeted them. Never pushy, always through a trusted network ideally and removing all barriers to entry for us, so that our offer was a no-brainer.

These were always people and businesses that could get us high volume sales, of quality, or exceptional high profit and quality sales and lower volume.

Get Big Fish Influencers To Open Up Their Networks

Get Big Fish Influencers to open up their networks to me. This relises on trust having been established and is the opposite of pushy sales. It relies on a progression, a formula that we teach in our product, Big- Fish- Little Effort,Referral Scripts That Land big clients fast.

The Formula To Unlock Powerful Networks

  1. Build trust with a key influencer that you are doing business with already
  2. Do little things above and beyond the call of duty that build genuine rapport (genuine acts of kindness work well for this)
  3. Inspire the client to want to refer you 
  4. Get the client to collaborate with you in introducing you to powerful key players
  5. Rinse and repeat with new clients
It Really Is That Simple

Does it always happen that quickly? No, of course not. Can it? Yes! Will it happen at some point? Almost 100% yes if have half a brain and are not a sociopath!

leverage makes referral marketing exceptionally powerful

The Key Is Levearge

You are levearaging the trust alrady built between the client and the prospect, which carrries forward to a degree to you. This means normally hard to get clients are willing and happy to listen to your offer.

Then you levarege their networks (which you have already done your homework on!) and keep don the same thing.

What The Recipe Relies On...

If you have integrity in your dealings. If you like people generally and want to do the righ thing by people. If you have are real and authentic, then you have the potential to get referral sales that will take your sales quota through the roof literally.


Imagine just one key infleuncer buying repeatedly off you right now. Then imagine this person introduced you to 3 more 'important' people that spend a lot of money with you and you are converting 4 out of 5 on the spot!

How much money would that make you?

How much time would that save you not chasing dead end leads?

My guess is a lot! You are in sales because you can make quick decisions and know exactly where the money is.

My Offer To You

Shortly we have a workshop coming up that shows you EXACTLY how to ask for referrals in a way that is highly effective & strategic. Your clients will love (very non pushy) these techniques and the strategies also.

Then you will be shown exactly how to choose where to focus your efforts for maximum impact in existing and new markets through a weighting formula.

You will then be shown how to remove the barriers to entry and remove risk for a client to refer you and then use you on a regular basis, using techniques like risk reversal, the authority method, ethical incentivisation and many other techniques.

After that you will then start to leverage their own networks to maximum effect and rinse and repeat.

Niche & Strategic Domination

Before long you will then be dominating this area and be the authority in the field and the go-to person. Then you dictate price and people come to you for business – which makes business much easier.

We totally guarantee that the investment in this workshop will be recouped in 60 days or your money back! Why 60 days? Because back 25 years ago it took me 60 days to literally double the side of my business and quadruple the profit!​

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Get high value clients and sales with ease using referral sales marketing techniques. First you learn how to ask for referrals properly. Then you master a referrals strategy that is like putting rocket fuel into a Skoda! We show you how to target and get repeat, hard to get clients, high value business selling your services on your behalf 24-7! To really leverage your business, profit and time to maximum affect.