What Have Legendary Thinker & Author Seth Godin And Referral Selling Got In Common

The Answer? Purple Cows!

Referral Sales Are Known To Be Exceptionally Easy And Profitable!

So why am I talking about ‘Purple Cows’? All will be revealed…

Most of us know that when we get a great referral, the sale becomes very easy and less time consuming trying to convince people to buy from us. It is more like a conversation to make certain that they need what you offer.

Why are referral sales the best you ask?

Because a referred client already has been third-party-endorsed by others about what you do or what you offer. This makes referral selling infinitely easier.

Why Referral Selling Is So Easy

Confession time!

The majority of my sales strategies have always come from referrals. Why have they come from referrals? Because I like to stack the odds in my favour and get a good return on my time. Referrals convert really easily so I can spend my time doing more of what I love to do. Isn’t that supposed to be what life is all about?

The reason referral sales are so easy is that when you are referred there is already an implied amount of trust carried forward to you from the referral source.

Imagine this:

You are speaking with a friend you love and trust, you have known each other for years and you say that you are thinking of moving home and want to put your home on the market, but, you don’t know who to use.

Your friend then says: ” We used an incredible agent to sell our home. They were exceptionally helpful and went well above and beyond what was expected. They even left a bunch of flowers for us to move in to, a card, a bottle of wine and phoned next day to make certain everything was ok”

So – you trust your friend and they are impressed. You are now also probably likely to follow your friend’s lead, without any other information becoming available. The reason? Because the agents have been endorsed and also because to go against social proof can be risky.

Purple Cow Referral Selling

On the above example, the agent did a great job for sure, but there was something else they did also! In his best selling book Purple Cow, Seth Godin talks about purple cows. What does he mean by that you ask?

Imagine you are looking out into a field and you see a herd of cows. They are all black and white except 1 of them. One of the cows is purple! Where is your eye drawn? To the purple cow of course!

The reason your eye is drawn to the purple cow is that it is unusual – it is remarkable!

In his book, Seth puts forward the notion that for businesses moving forward, you need to be remarkable. You need to be unusual in an authentic way. Seth himself is no stranger to being remarkable as a very free-spirited thinker and speaker and has had a hugely successful career.

Remarkable – Being Able To Be Remarked Upon

I call being remarkable being able to be remarked upon. This to me means that you are doing business in such a way that you are creating a natural way that is authentic.

Another way of putting it is: Stop being boring!

An example of what I used to do in one of my businesses was simple. This was pre internet and at the time was revolutionary.

For every client we did work for, we sent out a thank you letter thanking them for their trust and business and invited them to return to us a simple questionnaire. We also inserted an addressed envelope and separate stamp and said that if they chose not to respond, please feel free to keep the stamp with our blessing.

The response?

We had over 40% of people respond and nearly all positive. People said I was crazy doing it as it would open us up to complaints. My answer? If you turn a complaint around, they nearly always become a much more loyal client in the future. Because I had proven I cared.

For those people that did respond, we gave away free an extra 1 year warranty also, with a voucher inviting them to refer a friend for a discount if they wanted to within the next 3 months. This also created a huge amount of loyalty, trust and word of mouth.

The Affect Of This Was…

The affect of this was that clients loved us! We got loads of referrals and amazing feedback. The feedback got discussed with our staff which enabled us to really serve our clients consistently better going forward.

We also had an amazing amount of testimonials and great authentic marketing materials when we were referred from ‘authorities’ to other rainmakers that could really make a difference in our business.

Purple Cow Meetings

Our staff meetings were not normal! We used to have all staff in our offices (only 20 of us) and play marbles to start for a special cup that the winner got to keep for 2 weeks, followed by a bacon or egg sandwich, tea or coffee and then down to business.

The ‘business’ then was started in a fun way. There would already have been a lot of laughter because of the marbles! This broke down barriers and freed creativity no end.

The result?

Our staff always came up with amazing new ways to be remarkable and to stand out from the crowd in a way that was authentic and gave extra value to our clients.

This made our company a company that others wanted to work for because we ‘heard their voice’. It also made our Word Of Mouth Marketing really easy. We got talked about a lot!


Because we were ‘different’ and demonstrated we cared, it made my meetings with potential new JV partners and new referral prospects very easy. We were often already trusted and put forward by a third party without our knowledge as we had already ‘sown the seeds of referrals’ already.

The Affect Of Being Remarkable On Referrals?

The affect of being remarkable was that our ‘referability’ went through the roof! New prospects and partners wanted to be aligned with us as it also portrayed them in a good light also.

The Biggest Surprise?

The biggest surprise to us was that combined with our referral marketing systems, we were converting new potential clients and prospects at over 80%.

80%! That is monumental!

Can you imagine every person you speak to about a sale converting at over 80%?

This is the affect of being referable, of being remarkable and being a ‘purple cow’ and having a referral system in place in your business.

How Can You Get This Too?

You can get this right now for free!

I have set up a free 30 day referrals challenge that teaches you exactly how to start to get referrals in your business right now!

Let me tell you some stats that may help you decide whether referrals are for you:

  • Referred clients are 400% more likely to buy when referred
  • Referred clients spend more
  • Referred clients spend less time in the sales cycle (they say yes quicker)
  • Referred clients are less cost conscious (they quibble less)
  • Referred clients refer you more to others

and the list goes on…


Get referrals wrong and they can be potentially damaging. Many self preening gurus try and teach you the bullish straight out of the 70’s methods for getting referrals. Trust me, don’t do this. You will damage your business relationships for certain!

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