Power Referrals – Book Review

Power Referrals

By Andrea Sittig-Rolf

Introduction to Power Referrals

As the title suggests this book is about referrals and selling via referrals. At 194 pages this book has plenty of useful information in it. Andrea Sittig-Rolf has very obviously walked the walk as a sales person and has written other business sales type book also including:

  1. Business-to-business prospecting, Innovative techniques to get your foot in the door with any prospect.
  2. The seven keys to effective business to business appointment setting, unlock your potential
  3. Revolutionize, revitalise & Rev your resume. Create your accomplishments portfolio & land your dream job

Corporate Speak

Be warned! If you are not used to corporate type speak, or don’t like it, try and see past it. This is very obviously Andrea’s target market and she has done a good job of giving strategies on how to make referrals work for bigger more corporate type business.

The challenge with corporates is that incentivisation is often not allowed, even when as I teach it is done ethically and transparently. This often calls for different types of creative ways to get referrals.

Power Referrals – Book Layout

This book is well laid out and logical in order. It is focused around action steps and has free downloads as well to accompany some of the action steps

Bigger Business & Corporations

As a lot of us know, bigger corporations can be hard to navigate when trying to work out the account and where and you can or can’t sell to and who specifically heads it up. As I will discuss later she gives us some great tools do deal with this and to create clarity for maximum penetration of the account and all sister companies, subsidiaries, channels and vertical and horizontal markets. This book alone is worth a read even if you don’t work for corporates as it will open your eyes to a different way of looking for avenues of new business.


“The ambassador method for empowering others to promote your business and do the selling for you”

That sentence alone shows me that she understands the different dynamic of referral selling and normal sales.

The main idea behind the book is to create what she calls ambassadors that do the selling for you (which is what proper referral selling techniques do!). There should be ambassadors in different areas of a business and niches, businesses and these should be nurtured

Act Method

Andrea starts out by discussing what she calls her ACT method.

  • Acquire – identify the client profile
  • Cultivate – cultivate the relationship
  • Teach – teach how to promote

This definitely works I know, as I do something very similar myself. The key here is the way the relationship is cultivated and nurtured authentically.

Andrea also teaches that you need to make it easy for people to refer you and that this needs to be taught. I call this referability, but the name does not really matter as the same principles apply. Bottom line, it works!


She then goes on to talk about the different mindset required including expectations and confidence . Without the confidence it is unlikely you will create the credibility required to be considered an expert in your field. She also talks about helping others is a great way to establish and enhance your credibility.

Creative Visualisation

She goes on then to talk about creative visualisation techniques to enhance your conscious and subconscious mind and the impact it can have on yourself when you are in front of a client. All good stuff..

Some Of The Most Valuable Content

If you deal with corporates (or even if you don’t!) some of the most valuable content Andrea offers are:

  1. Ideal client profiling
  2. Account Mapping
  3. Account Profiling

All 3 of these techniques are very useful in helping understand your referral selling strategy, especially in what can be the complex rabbit warren of corporate decision makers and buying responsibilities with the ambassadors thereof.

With these 3 tools in place you can start to unravel the corporate structures as well as the vertical and horizontal markets and new channels that may well open up to you and create more sales.

Power Referrals Book


  • Well structured
  • Laid our logically
  • Particularly good for corporations
  • A few great tools
  • A good understanding of the relationship required for referral selling


  • Geared very much towards bigger business (not necessarily a negative)
  • Corporate speak and jargon (if you don’t like it)

A Big Surprise For Me

I read this book quite a while ago and decided to start reviewing referral books as I often talk about so many of them not having a clue on how to ask for referrals in a way that does not upset the client and lose business. I found that the downloads advertised were now being charged for (even though the book says they are free!).

So I emailed off and asked for a download area. I received an email back within 10 minutes from Andrea’s email stating that she was out of the office (different time zones) and that she would deal with it next day.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were 19 downloads in my inbox for me to wake up to. This is an example of going above and beyond and being remarkable (being able to be remarked upon) that gives Word Of Mouth and referrals rocket fuel.

Now consider this.

Andrea did not know who I was. I was UK based, She had no direct benefit she could derive be this obvious act of integrity.

And this is the attitude that I teach that makes referrals fly – she obviously has this big time!

Well done Andrea for genuinely being who you write about.


A good solid book on referrals for corporates particularly that small business can also learn from. You should be able to buy this book and start to see how to better open up avenues for referrals no problem.

For me being perceived as a referrals expert, I find it so refreshing when someone who gets referrals on a day to day basis also walks her walk and backs up what she preaches with regards to building relationships by sending out the downloads.

Referrals only work with integrity. Andrea Sittig-Rolf displays this.




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