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You are in your office after a good night out with friends the night before. The European Football was on and it was a fun, not too lively night, but you still feel a tiny bit jaded in spite of taking it easy and having a quick workout before work. But that is not what is bothering you.

You look around and see your sales staff ready to start the day looking slightly more jaded, possibly because they were slightly less restrained than you. They have less responsibility than you do now and you know you cannot afford to come in feeling that way and manage staff effectively.

Cold Calling Revisited

You do however remember what it was like to have to cold call still and know exactly what it was like to feel bad before the calls and face rejection, upon rejection, upon rejection. Being shouted at, being sworn out and abused go with the territory. If you are lucky you merely get stopped by the gatekeepers politely, a special breed of people who guard key decision makers from anything that sounds at all salesy– however this does not solve your problem! This is hard work and only for those that are mentally tough! You know you are going to have your work cut out to keep these people on track and not to allow their figures to drop today and also whilst the tournament is on...

What You Need

What you need are sales! Not just sales – you need:

  • Sales that are highly profitable
  • Sales that repeat regularly
  • Sales that don't get returned

...and ideally someone that can give you a steady stream of sales that are profitable and regular and also who can introduce you to others that want the same to. Later on I show you a proven way how you can achieve this right now, however before I do...

A Steady Stream Of Profitable Sales

In essence you need a stream of profitable new sales leads to stay profitable and move forward. Everyone knows that if you are sitting still you are slowly dying right?

But This Is How You Have Always Done It

Anyone in sales is brought up on cold-calling, it is how it is you say. You then progress to filling your pipeline with your own sales contacts and build on it, hoping to get more new business; to create more new business that you lose. And that depends on shaky foundations like the economy, seasonal fluctuations, economic cycles, shifts in business wants and needs, technology, or, merely confidence and sentiment in the work place.

There is a MUCH better and proven way to get high quality sales that are less dependent on the economy, business cycles or confidence. The problem is you are never taught this or you are taught the wrong way...

How Your Sales Team Copes

Your sales team 'puts up' with the slog and does what it can to get the results to earn big commissions, which ideally will make you money too.

However this is hard and a lot of people fall off the band wagon and leave, or, move on elsewhere to another shiny object and fake promises of riches and more authority in a better market. Most of the time this is literally just fake promises.

However that does not stop the problem of the attrition of sales people and the costs to train them and sift through the good from the bad, as well as motivating the good people to stay and incentivising them enough to stay.

It Is Not All About Money

Yes I hear you! And I totally agree, Having a great culture in business is exceptionally powerful and motivating, It definitely creates more loyalty from a sense of belonging and community, which is fantastic and I am a huge advocate of this.

However the fact remains that a lot of people in sales are young and want to earn a lot of money and will forgo great culture for an ok one to earn an extra 30,000.because it will pay for their holidays for a year and their season ticket for rugby, football or whatever as well as nights out too.

And For You Being In Charge Of New Leads?

And for you being in charge of sales, your very own livelihood depends on it! You cannot slack, you cannot have poor sales figures as it directly affects you and the figures never lie, or do they?

  1. Put in your name
  2. Put in your best email address
  3. Press the button called sign up
  4. And start your first lesson the very next day

If you want to get a huge advantage and leverage over your competitors, if you want to be one of those people that seems to be introduced to key players, if you want to convert clients at 40-80%, then get on board now.

And Your Sales Team

Whilst it is not good to be a little muzzy in the head first thing at work, remember how it was for you and have pity on them that they are going to have to endure a hard day on sales with an unclear and struggling head...

Need More Sales In Your Business...

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