Pillars Of Success For Your Business

All too often businesses are missing out on massive extra revenue because they have one main way of gaining new business. This can literally be lethal for your company. If that profit centre goes away for any reason, you have very little to back it up. Then the company fails. You can stop this happening […]

7 Don’ts Of Networking!

Are you making these 7 mistakes when you network? Are you a pain in the posterior at network events? We show you how to avoid these mistakes and how to network for greater results. Networking doesn’t work? Ok, it’s confession time! I actively used to dislike networking events.” A load of people in a room, […]

How To Start A Mastermind Group

Mastermind Groups can skyrocket your success and are recognised by many as being a massively important driver of business for many very successful business people. Mastermind groups have long been recognised as a very important factor in business success. How do you start a mastermind group? “ the coordination of knowledge and effortof two or […]

Why I Love Michael Gerber…

Who is Michael Gerber you ask? “Who is Michael Gerber I ask incredulously”?? Michael Gerber is the best selling author of the e myth! He has authored or co-authored scores of books, of which I name some below and millions of copies. He has really helped thousands of small businesses grow effectively,but this is not […]