The Only Thing Standing Between You & A Successful Fulfilling Business 
Is Just A Few Ideal Clients...

Discover The Proven Formula That Guarantees You Great New Clients
& Profit Streams, With Integrity 
Or Your Money Back!

"Big Client Launch Formula"

Module 1 - Clarity

  • ​Discover new profit centres to create more profit
  • Narrow everything down to the very best new markets, for maximum success
  • Identify key clients and influencers who can open the doors for your success
  • Identify your avatar - your ideal client profile
  • ​Identify a clear strategy to acquire these high value clients and markets
  • Learn how to communicate with your new prospects in a way they will love, that will sky rocket your conversions
  • ​How to target key influencers with win-win-win strategies
  • Learn in real time how much a new client or market is going to be worth to you
  • Identify the real value of a referral for your business

Module 2 - Referability

  • What is referability?
  • Why you need to be referable
  • Components of referability
  • The 3 things you MUST have in place to be referrable...also
  • Prototypes for referability for you to follow
  • Step by step blueprint to make your business more referable
  • Design your own bespoke system of referability

Module 3 - Ask

  • How to ask for a referral
  • How to handle an objection

Module 4 - Follow Up

  • Why to follow up
  • What most referral systems miss
  • When to follow up
  • How to systemise your follow up to ensure more great referral leads
  • How to follow up
  • How to follow up that your client will love you for
  • How to follow up to ensure more referrals
  • How to position yourself to be able to ask for more referrals
  • The kindness factor and referrals
  • What to say when you meet (with scripts)
  • How to systemise the TIC referral formula
  • How to create even more confidence in the referral process
  • How to create a real buzz on follow  up (hint this is very cheap and very powerful)

Module 5 - Track

  • How to track your referrals
  • How to plan the tracking system
  • When to acknowledge a referral
  • other systems of tracking referrals
  • How to weight a tracked client

​What you also get...

  • A unique referral system for you and your business (priceless!)
  • Audio accelerated learning  (value £199.00)
  • PDF downloads to record your referral scripts (£97.00)
  •  'How To Get More Referrals Scripts Ebook  (release date January 2016) ( £9.99)
  • Access to the 'Advanced Referrals Course' Facebook Group to get your questions answered and for feedback with other progressive entrepreneurs and business owners (priceless)

Advanced Referrals Course

Advanced practices to make your business more referable, to get more ideals clients, money and joy in your business


​We are certain that if you follow our formula for generating referrals you you will more than recoup your investment within 60 days of finishing the course.  If for any reason you are unhappy with anything at all, we have a no quibble money back guarantee policy.

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