“Tribe Selling” Sales Scripts Strategies

Revolutionary New Technique Reveals The Most Powerful Way To Get New Sales On The Planet!

Have you tried to get new business that is highly profitable and converts really well?

Referrals sales scripts and workbook that will get high quality new referred business and profitable sales with great new clients right now, getting others to sell for you 24-7! Guaranteed!

You Need To Know How To Ask For A Referral To get Referrals!

The first stage in getting referrals is being able to ask for a referral.

If you don't get this right,everything else in referral marketing fails...​

If you have any experience in sales, you will realise that this is not as easy as it looks and the big risk is that if you get it wrong, you run the risk of completely losing your existing client,

You know you cannot just ask for a referral, which is what a lot of us are taught. It doesn't work!​

​If you ask a client at the wrong time, or, in the wrong way, it can be very embarrassing for both you and your client as well.

There is now however a unique solution!


Big Fish - Little Effort Special Report​, Referral Sales Scripts & Workbook

This is the solution you have been waiting for!

You know how profitable referral sales are. You know how easy to convert they are. You also know that if you get  'Big Fish' influencers referring you, that it could make you a small fortune!

As someone that is in sales or needs sales, you may or may not know that:

  • Referred prospects are 400% more likely to buy (Nielsen Report)
  • Referred prospects cost nothing or next to nothing to acquire 
  • Referred prospects spend 60% or more less time in the sales cycle
  • Referred prospects are less price conscious (more profit)
  • Referred prospects buy on average more regularly
  • Referred prospects have a longer lifetime value

There are a whole load more benefits to referred business

One Of The Biggest Benefits Of Referrals

One of the biggest benefits of referrals is the ability for them to get you in front of the right kind of client:

  • ​Clients that have a higher need for your product or service (bigger budgets)
  • Clients that can spend more
  • Clients that spend more often
  • Clients that can make a real difference​
  • and... clients that know others like them who have all of the above attributes!

We All Want These Clients...

We all want these clients, however try as we may, we rarely get to speak to, or meet with these clients. Simply, they are chased by sales people constantly and are immune almost to cold-calling.

The only way to get in front of these people is to be referred.

This is where BIg-Fish, Little Effort Special Report & Workbook come into their own.​

What You Get​

You get:

  • Big Fish - Little Effort Special Report​ with the 6 steps required to make referrals work like crazy
  • Big Fish-Little Effort scripts that are proven to work for each six steps
  • Your own scripts to fill out and adjust slightly so they are unique to you
  • Your own workbook to refer back to so you can feel confident when asking for a referral

With this special report and bespoke scripts and workbook you will be certain that:

  • You will have a true understanding of the steps required to get loads more referrals
  • You will feel confident when asking for a referral
  • You will know how to get solicited and unsolicited referrals and the words to make that happen
  • You will sound totally natural when you ask (because the formula and system is authentic and natural)
  • You will have a system that has been proven to work over a 30 year period and has been proven to work by some of the true greats of the marketing world
  • You will never upset a client when you follow this formula
  • If you get a no form your client, you will have the words that make certain neither you or your client will never feel embarrassed (you may even get a referral anyway if you follow one of the scripts!)

Proven & Tested For 30 Years

This formula works even better now than it did more than 30 years ago because big players need to be able to trust who they work with . This formula has been proven to work consistently for over 30 years getting the best kind of ideal clients for you and  your business​. This takes away any guesswork or risk for you.

I have personally opened doors to unbelievable clients including major banks, retail chains, royal families, major affiliates, you name it - it works.

The Reason This Works So Well

The reason this works so well is that the big players have networks of Big Fish, the influencers with big budgets, big networks of big players. These people do business via referral and if you are not in, then you are out!

So the  key to these major accounts is to get referred by someone they trust and to then get referred to their friends and colleagues too.

This Is Then A Goldmine

This then is a goldmine! Big influencers opening up their wallers and their networks to you because they want to help you.

Can you imagine just for one moment having this happen to you? How much would one Big Fish be worth to you?

How much would 2 be worth, or 3, or 5, or 10 or more?

Pie In The Sky?

No, this is exactly what happened to me and it made me a small fortune and now I have found a way to help you get this to with our Bif Fish-Little Effort Special Report & Workbook.

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Our Unconditional Guarantee With This Product

I personally guarantee that if you use these scripts, if you make your own scripts to get you more high quality referral sales and target people who can make a difference to you and your business, you will make at least 10 x the price you pay for this product

You will also get a private members Facebook Support Group where you can discuss your scripts, ask questions to get your scripts really honed and mix with other like minded progressive people that want to get more great clients, rather than making do with the scraps.​

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So stop letting these great clients go to your competitors, get on board now and start to get some of these great clients on board yourself and make loads more money too.​