About Us

My name is Steven Cole and I have been in the real world of business for over 30 years.

I have built 6 different profitable businesses all from referral marketing using high conversion and targeted sales to create long term, repeat and highly profitable connections. 
I was mentored by the best in the business on referrals and other strategic aspects of business by people like Jay Abraham and others.

Create More High Converting Sales Leads & Profit Centres The Easy Way

I help people uncover the gold mines that are already in their business and within themselves and  that are often right under their noses and under-utilised. The power is very often with your own existing clients and contacts. Steven shows you how to uncover these unique profit centres in a way that is often wildly profitable and extremely simple, in a way that your clients will love and with total integrity.

A blend of techniques for maximum impact

Steven uses a unique blend of techniques that are proven to work having built 6 different profitable businesses over a 30 year period, mainly from referral marketing and mining for profit centres that are already available and often very low cost to implement. Steven also helps transform people's perceptions and to accelerate their learning to make the process very simple. An effective  mixture of pragmatic and profit driven strategies proven to work and 'softer processes' to help create even more clarity and really accelerate your learning and alignment with the intangible aspects of business as well.

Techniques that align with your own values and beliefs

"Where business meets profit with integrity"

 Steven has a strong belief that business when done with integrity and the right way,  can also really enhance those around us and in this way we can all help leave a positive legacy. All techniques and strategies he uses are always where business meets profit with integrity.

Incredible Referrals Products

Incredible referrals products are all designed to get you hot, high converting sales leads that convert very highly into profitable new clients.‚Äč

My bi-monthly emails will empower you and show you

  • Simple techniques to help you uncover new and potentially highly profitable avenues for new business

  • Real and proven strategies to use, any one of which could unlock your next profit centre and stage in business.

  • How to do business in such a way that feels good and aligned with your own higher values from maximum impact both in business and personally.

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