30 Day Referrals Challenge

"Where Business Meets Profit With Integrity"

Only 30 Days For More Money & Clients Guaranteed!

I am going to show you the secrets of referral marketing and sales others would rather I didn't tell you...

People Laughed At Me

They laughed when I said I was going to double the size of my business in 90 days, but when I did  in only 60 ...​

That's right! I  literally doubled the size of my business in 60 days. That was just the turnover you say? Yes 207%!  However I quadrupled my profit (410%)!

​Now I give other people advice on how to make money in their business fast using referrals and referral strategies as well as other powerful marketing mixes. All of this done in a way that has the utmost integrity and that you would be happy selling to your own mother!

Getting New Business Can Be Very Challenging...

Getting new business in can be very challenging. Getting new business in that is highly profitable, that costs nothing to acquire and that gets you repeat business on autopilot is like gold dust! And rarer than a Golden Egg!

This Is The Power Of Referrals

Referrals have the potential to introduce you to new highly profitable business with ease. Imagine phoning up a high value prospect that wants to take your call. They were expecting it. 

Now imagine that they are happy to have a meeting or a chat about your proposal. They then work out whether your product or service is suitable for them and if it is, buy! The new prospect is not so worried about price and wants to know where he can sign!

Can you imagine sales like this on a regular basis?

This is the power of referrals in action and anyone that has got a personal introduction as a referrals knows that it can literally be like this! For myself and 1000's of others who use referral marketing effectively, this is what happens on a regular basis!

Referrals Are The World's Best Kept Secret - Until Now That is...

​Referrals for anyone in sales or business are known to be the best business there is. So why do so few people actively solicit referrals?
The reason is simple!  And it is not your fault...
We have all been taught the wrong way to get referrals and it has damaged our business, so we don't ask.

Referrals Used To Be Only For The Gifted Few

There have always been the gifted 'few' who seem to easily get the sale, who get referred to people that get them loads of great new business. These people know exactly how to ask for referrals. 

However, they choose to keep it a secret, so that they can keep all the best clients to themselves, Until now that is

No More Secrets!

I am lifting the lid on referrals and what makes referrals fly and how they can generate you incredible new clients and business easily that can potentially make you a fortune.

I am going to show you exactly how you can get incredible new and profitable business right now, for very little effort almost on autopilot!

What You Will Get:

  • Get unsolicited & new business without asking for it - this simple technique that anyone can do made me over £1m literally from only 1 person, took 10 seconds to implement and is still making me money now as we speak!)
  • Know how to coach your client to being able to ask for a referral (this alone will increase your referral success by over 80%!
  • Know exactly what to say to get a client to refer to 2,3,5 or more potential new high value prospects
  • Know exactly what to look for before you ask for a referral, that keeps you 'safe' with your client and stops you looking silly


  • Know exactly the words to use to maximise your new business potential
  • Know exactly the timing of what you can ask for a referral (and when you cannot!)
  • Know exactly how to leverage a client's network for maximum profit potential
  • Learn how to get a client to 'prepare the ground' for you to get a client to want to speak or meet with you


  • What if a client says no? Learn how to handle an objection to referrals in a way that you and your client both are happy with
  • Learn the precise words to use if you get an objections
  • Learn how to overcome an objection to get new business
  • Learn when to back away and come ask again another time (this strategy got me personally a major contract with the 'worlds most famous store'

As well as...

  • Learn the 'intangible' aspect to referrals that will catapult your success
  • The exact words to use throughout the 6 steps process
  • How to incentivise ethically (when appropriate) referrals for high value new repeat business

And so much more...

  • A Facebook Group where you get access to me directly 
  • Support and input from other referral challenge members
  • A system and formula that is proven to work over a 25 year period ( I have never lost a client asking for a referral!)
  • A formula that is proven to build trust fast to leverage your results exponentially
  • and lots lots more....

Too Good To Be True You Say?

Too good to be true you say? I would thing exactly the same thing too!  

There are 2 reasons this challenge is free:

1. I was gifted this formula from the highest paid marketing consultant in the world - I want to keep the cycle of helping those that want to take action and help themselves to be successful - be successful.

2. I know if you take action on what I teach you will make money. A lot of money! If you make a lot of money and I suggest a product that will make you even more, and, I guarantee it, you will listen and likely buy if it is appropriate for you.


I have personally put the things I teach in this 30 day referrals challenge into practice for over 25 years and literally my business took off beyond my wildest dreams...

  • One of these methods made me well over £1,000,000 (approx $1250,000)
  • Another got me incredible new business in the 'World's Most Famous Store'
  • Another method got me business from a national high quality retail chain with a value of well over £1,500,000 (approx $2.3m)
  • New business from several Royal families (including our own)
  • Major contracts with local autorities and housing associations
  • TV & Radio Channels, including the BBC, Bloomberg, MBC, ITV and many more...

I Don't say This To Brag

I say this only to tell you I have been there! I have been in business since the age of 19 and been through the huge highs and lows that business can bring! I  understand business. I have owned 6 different businesses and understand how hard it can be to get new clients on board! I have definitely walked in those shoes and if we meet one day, I will tell you more..

I ask only 2 things...

I ask only 2 things and I am going to be really blunt!
If you really understand the value of referred business then please come on board, I welcome the chance to add value to your business. However, this is not a testing centre!

Really got for it!​

I know this works big time and I am 100% behind you! I have the proof, I have walked the walk!!

If you want to be successful and make your business successful, then get involved properly.

When you get the results, I only ask for feedback and nothing else! Does that sound fair?

I am assuming the answer to that question is the same as when I was personally gifted this formula, so I really look forward to helping you on the other side.

Get signed up now and start to get more incredible new profitable business on autopilot.