3 Top Tips Networking For Referrals With Video

Networking For Referrals Authentically

Networking for referrals can be like 'swimming through pea soup!' Have you yourself ever been networking for new business? How did you get on? Did you make any new quality contacts?  Did you get any new business?

Networking Can Be Hard Work!

For years I disliked networking because it was so superficial. It was not a nice experience for me at all. I am not saying networking is particularly demanding at all, indeed it shouldn't be particularly.
For me and many others like me, we find it hard work because some people have not got a clue what networking is about!

3 Top Tips When Networking For Referrals

​Desperate Networking

If you have been networking before you have seen these people. Desperately running around trying to see who they can 'sell to' and who the key players are, desperately handing out their cards and speaking to anyone that will listen to what they have to say. 
They completely ignore what the other person wants, or, at best, 'pretend' they are interested!

This is fundamentally flawed and will get you next to no new business at all. 

Thankfully there is a better way!

3 Top Tips Networking For Referrals

Tip 1- Choose The Right Event

Choosing the right event is really important. Choose an event that has your target audience likely to be there and likely to be interested in what you do. Research your audience and tailor your pitch if you need to, to that audience.

Tip 2 - Have Your Pitch Ready

Have your introductory pitch ready. What is a pitch you ask? A pitch is a very abbreviated explanation of what you do and what solution you offer. 

Simple Pitch Formula

Fill in the blanks:

"You know how hard it can be to....."
"Well we help people .... (your solution)​"

A Pitch Formula Example

" You know how people often struggle to get the influencers that can get high value sales and clients in their business?

"well we teach businesses how get introductions to people who then create high value low cost sales almost on autopilot as a systemised formula."

Now do your own and:

  1. Read it our loud - sound good? If yes then
  2. Record it
  3. Play it back
  4. Repeat it back throughout the day

Then when you are next at an event, say your pitch when people ask what you do...

Tip 3 - Networking Is Building Relationships

I say this constantly. Referrals are all about building relationships. They are not about what you can get, they are about what you can give.

What do I mean by this?

What I mean is that referrals ​work when the other person feels like they trust you and are inspired to want to help you. One of the fastest ways to achieve this is to add value for someone when you are at an event. This means that you are listening out for how you can help this person. You are not pushing the sale!

When the person in front of you sees authentic value you have brought to the table reciprocity naturally happens and you will find then that people will naturally want to knwo what you do AND how they can help you also.

This is how referrals fly...


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