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Referral Sales Are A Different Beast

Referral sales are different  in a lot of ways than 'normal' sales. Why you ask?

Because to be referred to someone new, it requires a high level of trust. A much higher level of trust than if you yourself are being sold to.

Think about it for a moment. Imagine you have someone who has just done great work with you and they ask you to refer a family member or colleague. For most of us we feel slightly uncomfortable often, particularly if we aren't asked in the right way!

A Powerful Way To Grow Your Business

Create Trust...

Trust is something that can be hard to acquire and can be easily lost. When you are trusted, the sale is easy. Very easy!​

When a client trusts you, or, as with a referral, there is an implied form of trust, the sale is more like an easy conversation. Literally!

How Do you Build Trust?

The slow way to build trust is to do great business and over time you will build trust. The fast way is to 'piggy-back' off someone else with whom you have already built trust​. This is a massive shortcut and accelerates the rate at which deep trust  is acquired.

Referrals & Trust

This is where referrals come into their own and also why referrals and referral marketing are so powerful!​ They build trust like wildfire! 

Referrals according to the respected Nielsen institute have the highest rate of trust quotient than any other form of marketing.

This is why referral sales convert at such high rates, often averaging 80% or more!

So How Do We Add Value Even More Trust - And Why Bother?

​There is a reason my own conversion rates when I targeted key people was so high, often at over 90% depending on the niche or road we were going down.

It is because I made certain to take all, or by far the majority of the risk in any initial business transaction myself​. 

I must be mad you say?

The Problem Trying To Get Great Clients

It Makes Business Sense!

No! It made business sense...

If I can remove the barriers to an influential, authority figure or key player to doing business with me, people who can give me lots of new and repeat high quality business, then it is worth the risk to me to put my money where my mouth is!​

I simply did the maths!

The Numbers

If I can get a high quality influencer on board or anyone that can get me repeat business that is high quality and at the rates I want and deserve, then they are worth a lot more to me financially than one offs!

Let's imagine that a client can give us 3 new leads a month that are worth say £300 a time. That is £900 a month. For me to 'give away' something as a trial to build trust is a no brainer!​

So if I took on the risk of a client coming 'trying us out' for free for example and they came on board, it was a lot of long term money! A lot. And for years and years often!​

So how can you do this?

remove the risk with referrals to allow a client to step forward

Risk Reversal For Referrals

I love risk reversal because it sorts the men out from the boys! Or the girls from the ladies - no sexism here!

If i take on board the risk for myself and that allows me to have a long term high quality business relationship, then that is an amazing 'way in'!

Most People Are Scared Of Risk Reversal!

Most people are scared of risk reversal. That is understandable. I get it. You may well lose money occasionally. I am obviously assuming you excel at what you do, have integrity and care about your clients and business!

When you choose who you target with risk reversal, all the monies and odds are stacked in your favour! It is just simple maths!

Removing Risk Accelerates Sales

Removing risk from a transaction massively increases sales for the reasons I have outlined above and many more. To be able to remove risk, you need to craft clever (not sneaky!) and creative guarantees

Referrals & Guarantees

When you guarantee how you are going to remove the risk from a tansaction, it becomes tangible and real. 

If you are in a meeting and offer risk reversal, you will often visibly see your client's posture and expression change. They often start to engage more, lean forward and open up.

This is because they now feel safer to 'try you out'. You are making them feel more comfortable.

An Unbelievably Powerful Combination

Coupled with the fact that you have been referred by someone they trust and you have an enormously powerful combination, that is hard to say no to for these reasons:

    1. It is hard to go against the advice of a trusted friend or colleague. If you source ​the business yourself, and, it goes wrong - you look silly!
    2. If there is also no risk to them to try you as well, then there really is no barrier to trying you out!

​So How Do You Craft Guarantees That Reverse Risk?

This is totally unique to you and your business. The more specific you can craft your guarantee to you niche and particularly your client, the more your client is going to 'lean in' and get involved!

Watch the above video if you haven't already to see ideas on how to craft guarantees that reverse risk and make your sales go through the roof!

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