Amazing New Sales Technique
Proven To Convert 50-80% Of The Time Using 
The Power Of Leverage

Creates Your Own Private Tribe Of Sales People
Who Sell For You While You Sleep!

These kinds of sales leads get you big sought after clients, cost nothing & convert an average of 80% of the time !

"Whether you are in sales or a business owner, to be really successful you need to generate high quality clients that provide consistent and high converting sales. The beauty of this system is they cost nothing, or, next to nothing to acquire."

If you have been in business or sales for even a small amount of time, you will be made to feel like you have to spend a load of money to get in new sales. Well let me tell you that this is definitely wrong.

​And it is NOT your fault...

You see I was told the same thing too, until my own mentor Jay Abraham, who is the highest paid marketing consultant in the world, showed me how wrong this belief is. He showed me a whole new way of doing business which was like having your own doorman opening doors for you to incredible new business time after time after time.  On Autopilot!

What Jay showed me completely took the wind completely out of my sails. He completely knocked me sideways! I also felt a little angry that for the first 5 years in business, when I most needed my money to grow my business, I was being lied to all the time by shady sales reps for local directories (modern equivalent is Pay Per Click advertising) that were only inters​ted in selling the most inventory to get themselves the most commission possible. Why wasn't everyone being shown this easy technique?

Jay showed me exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Luckily I was totally untrained in sales and marketing,  so I took what Jay said on blind faith and did what I was told.

However these tiny changes to how I asked for a sale made monumental differences to the bottom line.

And the results for me were truly outstanding...

Over 407% Extra Profit In 60 Days​

The results were staggering. I had been in business for 5 years already at the age of 24 and could make no headway. Every penny I seemed to spend on getting in new sales. I was wallowing in water making no headway.

When I learned this system, I more than doubled my turnover as well in under 60 days.  It was exceptionally easy to implement and I had the system set up and running in under 3 hours!

Best of all, it took me only 1 hour a day​ to put in place. 

If you read on, I will reveal to you how you can also get these results too. If I can do it, anyone can...

So you have a choice to make. 

  1. Carry on getting ales the way you have been and get the exact same results, or 
  2. Learn the way the top 1% of sales people and business owners consistently get high value new business on autopilot

If your answer is YES! you would like to know how the top end sales people get high end, high value, repeat business for less time than conventional sales, then read on...

You Can Only Increase Your Business In These 3 Ways:

  1. Increase the amount of clients
  2. Increase the transaction per sale (the amount client's spend)
  3. Increase the amount if times a client spends their money (frequency of sale)​

My whole strategy in business and strategic referral sales & systems is totally about increasing all 3 aspects, in the fastest and most cost effective way possible,in a way which is congruent with your values...

Exponential Business Sales & Growth

​When you have all 3 of these aspects in place, business really starts to take off. When you optimise all 3 aspects, you start to create exponential growth. This is the kind of growth that turns your sales and profit from average to stratospheric! And, it can start to create the sales and business you only every dreamed of.

The beauty of a lot of the techniques I will show you is that these marketing techniques cost either nothing or next to nothing, and, very importantly, are simple and quick to implement.

And this is where referral marketing comes into it's own, because it fills all 3 areas and when strategised is easy to optimise for exponential growth.

Welcome To Incredible Referrals - Referral Marketing & Sales

Referral Marketing Has These Huge Advantages

  1. ​Very quick and easy to implement (be ready in hours!)
  2. Makes you far more money than conventional sales
  3. Far faster sales than conventional sales
  4. Highest converting leads at a staggering 63-90% (most at 80%)
  5. Super fast closing of the sale compared to other sales
  6. Incredibly loyal clients
  7. Bigger and more regular spenders
  8. Introduces you to far more qualified quality leads (when you know how)
  9. Clients that recognise your value more, quibble less and are easier to deal with

Anyone who has had to convince a client that your product is the best option knows how hard this can be. Referral marketing cuts through all of this like a knife through butter.

With Referral Marketing You Get:

  • ​A strategy & system that makes you an authority and the go to person
  • Sales that fill all of the above 3 categories for exponential growth
  • Get the 'right' kind of clients that ​can make a real difference to your sales
  • Sales & clients that convert exceptionally easily

And this is where referral marketing is king!  Referrals can literally make your sales go viral! Like nothing you have ever before experienced...

If you become the go to person for your industry of niche, what do you think will happen to your sales?

So What You Say? Look At These 2 Real Life Scenarios

Imagine this 1st scenario:

You have a few 10 potential sales in your pipeline . You phone the prospect who either doesn't pick up or, is evasive and has no time for speaking about your offer. ​On the 10th client you manage to get through and actually have an engaged prospect. This prospect is actually excited about your offer. They haggle and generally make life difficult, but, you manage to get the sale! Brilliant!! A whopping 10% conversion. (which in a lot of sales is actually very very good)

Now imagine this 2nd scenario:

You have a few 10 potential sales in your pipeline . You phone the prospect who picks up and is happy to hear from you. No challenges. No resistance. Trust is built quickly. You explain your offer and your prospect looks to see if your offer is suitable for them. This time it is. They buy! No quibble. No trying to nail you to the floor with price. You shake hands. Deal done!​

Think I am exaggerating? ​ Myself and thousands of others have been doing this day in and day out for years! As I said above, this old technique of marketing has been used for thousands of years and has been lost in the mad, frenetic cyber marketing fashions of the moment.

Fact is referral marketing is, and, has always been the very best way to generate the very best, high quality sales and clients in your business!

Referrals & Referral Marketing May Not Work For Some People!

Referrals and referral marketing rely on knowledge, practice and strategies to work virally. In fact even at all!​
To those of you who may have a 'challenging disposition', I apologise in advance - this may not work for you.  As you read down this page you will see who this does not work for at all. This includes sales staff that don't fit into this category as well as business owners. I will also show you who it really , really! works incredibly well for!

Read on to see if YOU can benefit from referral marketing...

Have You Ever Had To Sell Before?

The obvious answer is yes! Anyone who has ever had to sell anything on a regular basis knows how powerful a personal introduction is to a sale. It is exceptionally easy compared to a cold lead and converts as easily as having a friendly conversation with an old friend. Learn who YOU can start to get these high quality clients and sales that convert at over 80% and willingly put you in touch with new high quality prospects time and time again!

The Key To Your Referral Marketing Success & Profit

This is key!

Re-read the previous paragraph again. " 80% and willingly put you in touch with new high quality prospects" Willingly!

This is the key to the whole Incredible Referrals System Of Asking For Referrals. Getting a client to want to refer you to others for free. And I promise you, if you do it right, they will!

4 Reasons Why Everyone Doesn't Use Referral Marketing As A System
  1. Most people don't know the value of a referral (real financial in-your-pocket value!)
  2. Most people don't know how to 'ask for referrals' the right way
  3. Only a tiny percentage know how to leverage referrals as a strategy for maximum profit​
  4. Only an even tinier percentage even know how to systemise a referral strategy that is predictable and highly profitable

The Wrong Way To Ask For Referrals & Sales

The wrong way to ask for referrals

Most People Are Shown The Wrong Way To Ask For Referrals

Most people who ask for referrals fail! And then give up! This is understandable and if this is you, it is not your fault ! Many, many 'guru's' still teach you the wrong way to ask for referrals. When you ask for referrals the wrong way, it can actually be very damaging​. You can:

  1. Lose your sale and client
  2. Upset your existing realtionship
  3. Get referrals that are useless or next to useless​

Yes this can be true, but it needn't be true...

So Why Are Referrals So Misunderstood?

This is simple! Referral selling has more to do with psychology than out-and-out sales. Referral selling require a completely different set of skills.

  1. Referral selling requires much higher levels of trust and integrity
  2. Referral selling is always 'permission based'
  3. Referral sales rely on building relationships - And trust, really fast!
  4. Referral sales are totally non pushy
  5. Referral sales require a completely different perspective and paradigm shift to be massively effective
  6. Referral sales have a lot of psychology involved
  7. Referral sales are more about nurturing the client, than pushing the sale

Here Is Where I Put My Neck Out! ...

If you are an arse (oops!!) if you are only out for what life can give YOU and not what you can contribute, ​then leave this website. Don't get involved! It will not work for you I promise!

Don't Use Referrals If...

Whist referral marketing is unbelievably effective, it is not a get rich scheme, a con, money mongering or any other form of poor business practice. If you are self absorbed, self centred and egotistical - please move on! Referral marketing only works​ if you want to do the right thing and keep your client's as well as your highest value/values & aspirations highest in your mind!

If you yourself have not got these values in place, that is fine. It is not my business to judge, but please don't ask for consultancy as you won't get it from me!

What referral marketing is, is highly effective marketing for sales people and business owners who have integrity! And it generates huge profit and income...

people like you build highly profitable businesses from referrals ...

You Have Heard Of People That Have Built Businesses Off Referrals

And this is all true. I have. 6 businesses to be precise! And more importantly thousands of people just like you have also. Profitable, rewarding and fulfilling businesses from all industries and all sizes of businesses, from A-Z.​

All of the accepted best marketing consultants in the world all tell you the same thing. A referred client is by far the best and most lucrative, easy to close and easy to deal with client you can get...

Referral Sales That Can Go Viral

However, even people that have been shown the right way to ask for referrals, don't know what the next steps are to create the offline viral affect of referral marketing.​

Referrals & Leverage

There are simple strategies in asking for and getting referrals. Thereafter, you leverage your sales massively using simple strategies, any of which can create stratospheric sales and growth. 

High Converting Referral Sales Start With 2 Main Steps...

  1. Know exactly how to ask for a referral
  2. Know how to strategise your referral sales systems
Gillian Walton Purple Skies Consulting Ltd

" after spending a little over an hour consulting with Steve, he clearly identified new avenues for profit to work on in my business and told me exactly how to do it. Not just that, he made me feel very confident as well. The end result? A new £18,000.00 contract with much more in the pipeline! Outstanding. Thank you :)"

"Research proves that referrals convert at 50-80% on average!"

Damaging Relationships – Old Referral Paradigms

Back in the 1970's sales teams were told:

  1. just ask everyone, or
  2. Make it a condition of working with you they have to refer you

And many equally damaging teachings. This can potentially be catastrophic to your relationship with your client and is very unlikely to result in any decent referral.

You Have Had Referred Clients & Business Before...

You as a person who sells,  either in charge of sales, a sales person or business owner have had sales from referrals before. You absolutely know how much easier these prospects are to convert into sales. The conversation even is completely different..

Nothing is as powerful as a recommendation  from a trusted friend and loyal friend

Mark Zuckerberg
Founder of Facebook

So why are you not getting more referrals? Simple...

Now Imagine

Now imagine that you can get in front of a key player, a decision maker, in a market that you are in. He or she has been referred to you and you know this person has the potential to buy an awful lot of your product or service.

Now also imagine that this person, a decision maker, has loads of other people in his or her network who also have the potential to buy a lot of your product or service...

Then imagine this person is a big authority in that particular market and others look up to...

Now imagine that you convert this key player prospect into a client and he or she introduces you to the rest of their network (It is an accepted fact my many that the average small network is 250 people!) Key players often have huge and very influential networks!

Can you imagine how much money you would make if you could get people referring you consistently and willingly?

Referral Sales Are Easy To Convert

Before You Can Strategise Referrals – Step 1

Before you can make referrals work for you strategically, you need to know exactly how to ask for them, because as I said before, they are not in the same paradigm as normal sales.

This is where asking for a referral comes in.

Max Alter Video Magnets - Video Marketing

Having networked for well over a decade and sat in on lots of 'how to network and pass referrals' workshops to saturation, finally there is someone who explains in more than one dimension how to prepare the ground for referrals. Thanks, Steven. I'm finally beginning to get it, not only that referrals is long game but that we can actually create the foundations for referrals to come to us and how to create these foundations. Truly awesome.

Strategic Referral Marketing – Step 2

The beauty of strategic referral marketing is:

  1. You are creating champion sales people qualifying high value prospects for you 24-7 – for free! (third party endorsed)
  2. You open up other people's networks which when done correctly carries huge trust
  3. You can literally dominate niches and even industries when using some referral techniques and your competition won't have a clue how you are doing it!

Referral marketing when implemented correctly has massive potential to literally sky rocket not just your business growth, but also your profit.

Some Advanced Referral Strategies & Techniques Include:

  1. Identifying high value, high profit new markets and niches
  2. Identifying potentially easy to dominate markets
  3. Identifying easy to enter markets
  4. Creating bespoke value and messages to each

and also...

  • Creating sales hubs for referrals
  • Creating an ethical incentivisation package for new prospects
  • Creating referral packs that add value and work 24-7 to bring you ideal new prospects

Some Advanced Referral Methods

  1. Referral partnering to create people that sell on your behalf 24-7 for free!
  2. Identifying and entering new & profitable markets and niches to dominate for maximum profit and ease of entry
  3. Authority Referrals Method to become the 'got to' person in your industry for that market or niche
  4. Referral Packs Method especially good when you have a large receptive audience in front of you

Leverage & Referrals - The Biggest Benefit

The biggest benefit to you is the leverage that referrals give you to save your time, money and energy by getting the right clients on board almost on autopilot. This makes you more high quality sales and money for less times and effort through a process of collaboration. It is literally like:

Having your own sales team working for you 24-7, for free

  1. Having others put you in contact with ideal new prospects who can make a huge difference
  2. Having no gatekeepers and a prospect that is happy to meet you or take your call
  3. Having only easy conversations to convert the sale

The whole process is about collaboration...

Dr Shiyghan NavtiTechequity Ltd. Swifin Cofounder. Cloud Credential Council

In a little under 2 hours, Steve was able to shed insights in to practical ways of growing my business. His ability to analyse and break down the actions needed to deliver significant results were clear. I look forward to building on this partnership.

Your 1st Step Is Free!

I have devised a 30 day referrals challenge to teach you the basics, which is totally free. This alone will get you heaps more business. 30 days of emails and easy lessons that will have you:

  1. get referrals right away both solicited and unsolicited
  2. ​have you confident you can ask for referrals in a way you are your clients will love
  3. have your mindset understand how to make referrals really work for you

Strategically Building Sales With Referrals - Step 2

I know then once you have seen the impact on your sales, you will then want to learn how to add strategic referral marketing to your sales process, to really leverage and grow your sales & business the easy way. (assuming you want to grow your business and make more money of course)

This is where our more advanced strategic referral systems can create huge leverage for you and your business.

Immediate ROI (return on your investment)

Wherever you are with referrals and referral marketing, Incredible Referrals can add massive and proven value to you, your sales team and your business.​ Meaning proven immediate return on your investment or your money back, which is the way that incredible referrals operate!

Decide where you are with referrals and start to really leverage your business, get massive competitive advantage and make the money you deserve right now!

I look forward to helping you get more high quality sales and business through asking for referrals and helping you devise a strategy that catapults your business to new heights, and blows your competition out of the water...

Steven Cole, Founder, Incredible Referrals.​